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And a new chapter begins...

Hey! It's been such a while since I have written. I am so bad at keeping up with this.'s a bit of an update on things. You guys know that I've been struggling with my decision to either stay or not stay with the band. And I'd been really leaning towards not staying. Well, it is now official...I am moving on. I'd made up my mind in February but wanted to speak to the guys about it. We were supposed to have a meeting on the 5th of March and leading up to it, they'd been doing some pretty shitty and disrespectful stuff. They bailed on the 5th and that was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back. I know I probably acted pretty shitty to them that night, in turn, because I was really pissed off but I couldn't help it. I was pissed and hurt. They left for a vacation and then went on to SXSW in Austin, so I figured we'd talk when they got back. I heard a rumor on Friday night that was said about me by Isaac and while it's not a negative one, it pissed me off that it was being said. So, I couldn't take it anymore and reached out to Thorry...and then Isaac reached out to me. We had a heated discussion on Saturday in which I let out everything I'd been feeling and he basically called me a gossip. But you knkow, if there's blame to be taken and all, then whatever...I'd rather him just call me that than be all of the fucked up things he's been and continues to be. By the end we'd said all we both needed to say and though Isaac seems to think it's foolish of me to walk away now, I feel like it's foolish for me not to. Respect is a big thing to me and the lack of it that I was getting just didn't work. So, me, Melanie, Isaac and Thorry had dinner last night. More discussions about who's to blame and it turned out being a lot of apologies on their side. They said they'd always wanted to do right by us and all that other the end it was all amicable and all but I still feel like it's the best decision. I'm ready and excited for the next steps of my life to start...

Speaking of, the guys old manager, I've been in communication with. She's not interested in managing anymore but is being approached all the time about artists. She's found this young girl from CA who is an R&B singer with a lot of potential. Her name is Tanieya and she's 17. Check her out here: and
Let me know what you think of her. One of the big things I like about her is that she's 17 and she's not trying to be 25. She's okay with being a kid. I'm waiting to hear more on it but basically the jist is that Iris would mentor me as I co-managed her with a friend of hers out in LA. I'll keep everyone posted!

Hope all is well for you guys! :) I'm really gonna make an effort to post more!

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